Room for Milk

Room For Milk is a multidisciplinary studio that focuses on flexibility, and personalization with unique narratives. Through this concept, individuals have the ability to accessorize and influence, thus making it their own.


2020 Fuorisalone
2019 Meetmyproject
2019 1000 Vases Dubai
2019 SaloneSatellite
2018 DutchDesignWeeks
2018 SaloneSatellite


Fuorisalone 2020

Adaptable Living
Adaptable living is a concept that shows how allowing the individual to customize and change their furnishings around their own lifestyle, creates a new connection and awareness to one's own furniture and creating a comfortable and fun living. Thus, creating a comfortable and fun living.

Pitch A Curve
Pitch a Curve challenges us to examine our domestic surroundings to discover new perspectives from which to approach home furnishing. The furniture we have in our homes play an important role in the flow of our daily lives. They dictate how we move and interact with our surroundings, and it is with this realisation that it's essential that we are allowed to choose how we want it to be presented and used in our lives and that we are able to adapt our living space to how we feel, and how we want it to make us feel.

New Flap Mirror
Room For Milk is proud to introduce a new addition to the Flap Mirror family with new HiMacs natural Acrylic Stone finishes.
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Bobber Lamps are a series of lighting fixtures inspired by fishing. The lamp resembles a dropped fishing bobber on the surface of the water. However, the lamp is easily adjustable and can take the form of the bobber with the fishing line underneath. In this style, the lamp is more elevated from the surface it stands on. The third adjustable design represents the line and the bobber being thrown back, as when the fisherman is throwing his line into the water. In this design, the lamp hangs from the ceiling. In one lamp, you can choose three different heights and styles.


As the name suggests, case by case is a simple shelving unit that is able to be arranged freely as you want. It functions as a shelf, yet you can conceal your belongings just by flipping it aside. By having two shelves adjacent to each other, it gives an extra space in between the shelves. You can put the shelve sideways as well on the floor or using it just as it is. It can be used for simple displaying your favorite items. There are many ways to match your needs to create new and fun ways of storing. The combination of straight edge and round curved corners creates two very distinguished feels.


It is a large triangulated opening like the mouth of a hippo where you can store your magazines. It’s a unique design for putting your reading materials and belongings in and are easily assessable. The base is made out of bent round pipes. Thanks to its lightweight structure, you can carry it anywhere you want. It also comes with a wooden tray which you can protect your magazines or books from scratches or to put on top of the rack to use as a side table.


These are sets of experimental table-wear which gets its name from the planetary orbit. This occasional table-wear can be used in a variety of ways. The gentle curved craters in the plate let the other plates rest easily in multiple positions. With its unique compositions, you can create your own planetary system. Thanks to advancing technologies, the material Hi-Macs is resistant to both moisture and bacteria and suitable for casual dining and decoration. The collection is composed from several elements; a base, a middle, and a mini container. All of these plates can be used separately.


The Woodpecker is such a unique bird because it creates its home by pecking into a tree. It is a home for their precious family and to store their necessities. Inspired by this natural way of life, the Woodpecker Coat Tree is simply carved out of a wooden trunk-like rod to give jagged spaces for hanging clothes and daily belongings. It is a home for all your everyday necessities. Woodpecker offers a series of options. With the Hanger, you can have a small mirror and shelf for extra functionality. The hook part is easy to separate from the Hanger rail to mount on a wall to use as a convenient hook.


Flexibility and personalization as the key features, it can be placed in multiple places around the home or office. The shelves can be positioned into a straight position; catty corner to match the angle of the walls; or simply become a partition. The main frame allows it to function as a clothes hanger, or simply as a personal home gallery where photos and art can be displayed inside the frame. The inspiration for this feature is to allow the user to experience a whole new way of interacting with furniture, just by having easy and multiple mobility and functionality.


The Flap Mirror's design offers an interesting aesthetic to ones home. The flaps allow easy mobility to turn while on the wall, and also, can be used as a small placement surface for objects. Finally, you can use the flaps as handles, thus turning the mirror into a useable and uniquely modern vanity tray.


The Flap Mirror is back with a new HiMacs natural acrylic stone-finish. The Flap Mirror's design offers an interesting aesthetic to ones home. The flaps allow easy mobility to turn while on the wall, and also, can be used as a small placement surface for objects. Finally, you can use the flaps as handles, thus turning the mirror into a useable and uniquely modern vanity tray.


"Light Cradle" is a lighting fixture with features inspired by the comforting nature of the baby cradle and rocking stool. A simple gesture drawn transversally, mimicking a single stroke of a brush creates a sensation of openness in the spatial framework with balance. It is produced with the help of the latest 3D-pipe bending technology allowing for precise adjustments. The pipe is carefully transformed into a self-righting LED light fixture with warm directional light to integrate the light that surrounds us.


Diamond Fuji is a ceramic candleholder that can be positioned in two ways. The first is positioned like a standard candleholder. When the candle melts down to the base, it creates the appearance of Mt. Fuji and its snowcapped peak. Then, just by flipping it into a teacup candle, it resembles "diamond Fuji," which is when the sunrise pokes over the peak of Mt. Fuji and reflects off the lake in front of it. Not only does this function as a candleholder, but it also makes for a great artistic decorative piece that exhibits Japan's most iconic landmark.


The Segment Vase is simple in appearance but diverse in function. Constructed out of wood, the two portions can be attached to make a wider and complete vase, or simply used separately as two smaller vases. If used separately, they can hang on the wall, placed on a table or shelve, or used as bookend holders. With a variety of different usages and styles, this is no ordinary vase.